Odd Jobs

Odd Jobs

Hero 2 Home Services helps complete odd jobs you haven’t had time to finish, or start. From patching drywall,installing pet doors, and flower boxes to getting help hanging Christmas decorations and changing light bulbs that are hard to reach, our handyman services are your solution for completing odd jobs in and around the house.

Many odd jobs surface both inside and outside of your home. This work is often the minor home repair or help you’ve needed but weren’t quite sure who to call. That could mean help organizing your garage or even making your home more handicap-friendly by installing railings and a Simply Home alert system.  For help repairing drywall, assembling furniture, hanging mirrors or making your child’s room more organized, make just one call to Hero 2 Home Services.

Organizing Your Home

Organization is an odd job most homeowners dread. When your home or garage feels disorganized, or you’re looking to reorganize the laundry room or a child’s room, Hero 2 Home Services has solutions.  By installing shelving and home storage systems, our professional handyman helps restore order. As a preferred installer for a variety of organizational products, Hero 2 Home Services is sure to have your home organization solution.

Pressure Washing & Concrete Cleaning

One of the most instant ways to improve the curb appeal of your home is to have the sidewalks and driveway power-washed.  Years of dirt, grime, oil deposits, and other pollutants, combined with the moisture of Houston’s climate can create an unsightly image, not to mention a slippery hazard for anyone walking on the surface whenever it is wet.  The use of professional cleaning equipment allows us to remove the build up of these deposits with a uniform finish and prevent any wand marks, or tiger stripes, on the finished surface.  Clean, mildew-free concrete removes the slippery fall hazard as well as add years back to the appearance of your property.